Praying to God about insurance 

I easily stress out and get anxiety. My pastor once said “anxiety and stress stems from things not going your way.” Ouch. 

In today’s busy world I often forget that it’s not about me. It’s not about what I wear or how I have my crap together. It’s about serving God and trusting in his plan. 

Over the past year I’ve completely immersed myself into my church community. I started going to church every Sunday, going to home group (family bible study), and women’s discipleship. Surrounding yourself with people who talk about their struggles helped me open up with facing my own struggles. I’ve always been quick to anger and getting irritated over everything (not getting my way basically) and I really see a difference almost a year later. I’ve learned to become more understanding and patient. 

About the title- last night I almost cried because I had to sign up for health insurance. Sounds funny, but it’s the fact that I’m having to do adult things on my own now. Growing up can be very intimidating and scary, I prayed about how I need help to lean on Gods trust and how everything will be ok. “..because who needs health insurance in heaven” was actually in my prayer. 

I’m sure God laughs at my humor. 

Xo, Natasha


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