College tips and tricks

Being in college and working can be stressful.. My advice is to not immerse yourself into working and then forget about your school work (if you don’t financially have to)- trust me. 

My first year of college tanked because I worked full time AND was a full time student- it just didn’t work for me. The past year however, I’ve gone down to part time on work and taking only 3 classes. 

Recently I’ve changed my major from business to Occupational Therapy.     Major difference.  When I tanked my first year I wasn’t really ready for college since I graduated high school 2 years early. I didn’t know how to take notes, sat in the very back of the room, and didn’t study as much as I should have. This past year I made sure I sat in the very front seat, took notes, highlighted my books, printed out and did the test reviews, and printed the powerpoints! That was just IN class! 

Note taking –

I now believe that if you keep things organized you’ll be more focused and get your stuff done. Thanks to Daniel who carved this into me. Also, make things fun!! Get colorful pins, cute notebooks, smelly paper- who cares! No one, at least for me likes to take notes. I take notes by exactly how I see them on the board. Make outlines. Make outlines. Make outlines. This will help you define, narrow, and understand the notes instead of just having a bunch of words put together. 


My huge planner is my life now.. From church meetings, school stuff, and work I have everything written down by the hour.  It sounds crazy but I know when I need to do homework, when I need to go to a church group, and when I get to have me time. 

Study tips 

Listen to music! Like I said earlier, get colorful! Make things personalized to you and make things semi enjoyable. At first I thought music would be distracting but I just light a candle, turn my music on and grab a tea or coffee and get in my zone. Heck, if you need to create a coloring book over a class to learn the material do it! 

De-stressing – 

I myself stress like crazy in school. I have the worst anxiety over research papers and cry at least once a week for about 2 minutes because I feel awful and tired. Learn to treat yo self

  • Get your nails/toes done
  • Eat a bowl of cereal and watch Netflix 
  • Go out with friends or family
  • Start adult coloring 
  • Go to Lush and pamper yourself
  • Pray/read bible
  • Take naps

Don’t do-

  1. Don’t put things off and then stay up all night to do. It’s exhausting. I hate reading 3 chapters over government, but that’s something I have to do and I’d rather get it over with. 
  2. Don’t forget to eat. Bring snacks and a water bottle with you at the very least. 
  3. Don’t overwork yourself.. With partying and with work. Try to find a balance and realize what’s important and what won’t ruin your life mentally, emotionally, and physically. 

If you miss one class it’s not the end of the world. I suggest find at least one person in each class and get their number so that if you decide to skip one unimportant class day to study for another you’ll still be caught up from a classmate. 

I hope all of this helps!! 

Xo, Natasha

iPad case from Nordstrom rack

Cat sticky notes & highlighter from target 


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