LDR Valentine’s

*eats icecream while writing sad LDR tips*

Daniel and I have been in a long distance relationship for about 2 and a half years, and only have seen eachother for short amounts at a time about twice a year. Being apart for a range of 6 months at a time can be very sad and lonely. (Hence me eating icecream in bed.. in sweatpants) One major key is to communicate as much as possible but also giving eachother space. I recommend FaceTime at least twice a week, call everyday if possible, and text everyday. Maybe that seems excessive to people but Daniel and I have the best communication, I think, for a LDR. Having a LDR is alot of work and does make us value time with eachother.

Now for Valentine’s..

A few things that LDR couples could do together as a date

  • Facetime and netflix date (get snacks and drinks!)
  • Order food from the same resturant and facetime eachother as if y’all were on a face to face dinner date
  • Cook the same meal or eachothers favorite meal and facetime
  • Play the headsup game on your phone while doing FaceTime on computer (or any video chat if you dont have a mac)
  • Paint over FaceTime

Basically anything over FaceTime or any videochat will be a date! The more personalized to your relationship the better! 

Also, Sending each other cards for any holiday makes things fun! I always look forward to the cute and funny ones Daniel picks out 🙂 




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