Traveling and Tips!

Traveling is always fun, but sometimes the packing can be stressful! I am always anxious before trips because I feel like I’ll forget something important. I was watching some movie with a wife making a joke about how her husband creates a ‘travel folder’ for all the trips they take- of course I laughed beacuse I do the exact same thing.

Trip Packet:

  When I make my trip folder I plan out all the places we’re interested in visiting and the prices if there is any. I love to cook so I might just plan a grocery list too if I am staying at a place for a long time. Even though I like to cook, my favorite part about visiting places is trying mom and pop restaurants or the local food. I print out a Calander page to plan out what we would be doing on certain days (although it always changes) and put it in the back of my little packet! The most important part of my trip folder is my checklist of everything I need to pack/bring from meds to skincare..Then I check it all off the night before leaving.


  I always try to fit everything in one big suitcase and one carry on bag, and if needed, small things in my personal bag. I love Southwest Airlines- they let you have 2 free check ins, a carry on, and a personal bag. Roll your clothes. Believe it or not rolling your clothes saves room. Rolling up underwear or shirts and stuffing your boots and other shoes if possible also helps use up negative space so you can fit more! I try my best to avoid bringing bulky clothes, however you cant really avoid it if youre going somewhere cold. (Which is why I love Southwest for 2 free check ins) If you want to get a compression bag I would suggest this one which I used for my sweaters when traveling to Utah.

  When it comes to packing makeup and skincare I recommend putting it in a Ziploc bag and taping the nosels down to prevent them from busting open. I carry my makeup in my carry on or personal bag just in case my bags get lost. The most important things you should keep in your carry on or personal bag. Also, pack some extra clothes in your carry on just in case. Always bring your headphones and charger with you in your personal bag and any motion sickness or perscribed medicine- it sucks to lose them.

Airport ootd:

    One thing I’ve learned the hard way is to wear simple clothes that are easy to take off and put on. If complecated shoes are your thing then rock it! I find my ugg slippers or any slip on shoes are the easiest. To me leggings, a light jacket, and a simple T-shirt are my go to when traveling- you want to be comfortable! Southwest provides free drinks and snacks during the flight but if you’re a picky eater you can also bring snacks in your personal bag.

Booking Trip:

  I highly recommend booking your flight 3-4 months in advance to make sure you aren’t getting any last minute prices. I will do anything to save an extra $100 even if it means get a 5:00am flight. The way I see it is that I’ll leave early and get to my destination earlier then start my trip. I also try to get the cheapest flight back by staying at my destination longer and leaving around 4-5pm and get back home around 10-11pm (I try to stay with Daniel for the longest amount of time possible) Creating an account with your preferred airlines can help you track your flyer points over time and can eventually lead to a cost free trip by using your points!

I hope this helps anyone who needs advise on traveling!!

XO, Natasha.



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