Top favorites 

  I wish I could put a picture of all of my cats but they aren’t available online! I’ve resorted to my favorite candle, contour pallet and all the way to my favorite laundry products! 

    The tide pods have been my favorite for months now and recently I used the Downy fabric softener and….. I can’t even describe the smell. It’s heaven. Nothing feels better than coming home to sheets that smell amazing. 

    Daniel got me the green jacket while in Utah and I’ve been in love with it ever since! Daniel also got me UGG slippers which are perfect for errands and around the house (plus they keep you warm) 

    The red candle is my all time favorite. I’ve bought this candle twice already and it usually lasts me 6 months and I burn it at least 2 times a week! It smells like a floral fruit smell but very Anthropologie like. I’m usually very picky with my candles because I hate the smell of vanilla so if you’re like me I’d try to smell some before! 

     The longchamp bag I have is purple and I got it from Nordstrom rack however they still sell them online! This bag is my go to simple bag.. It has a nylon exterior and some coating inside that makes it waterproof if you spill something (which I have at least twice) and it still looks perfect- thank the lord! 

     Makeup wise I use the Anastasia contour cream pallet almost everyday. I find it more user friendly than the powder pallet which I also have but they are both A+ products! Now for her lipstick- oh my gosh this is the best matte lipstick I have ever used!! Normally I buy the cheap $8 ones from Ulta but once I eat it’s all off. I don’t exaggerate this when I say you can put ONE coat of this on and have it last through out the entire day! You however can touch up if you wanted to but it’s deffinantly not needed. You get what you pay for with it being $20. I got it in the color CatNip however I don’t think it’s in stock anymore..

    On the deep treatment hair cream.. I was referred by a friend that this is a super nice smelling deep conditioner that you can use daily or rarely if you please. I personally sometimes wash my hair with shampoo, put this in, wash it then put my normal conditioner in and wash that out. Other times I’ll put a nickel sized amount in my hand rub it together and put it through out my hair as a leave in conditioner! 

Downy, tide and hair cream at Target 

BNCI jacket  

Similar jacket
UGG slippers
Matte lipstick
Contour pallet
Longchamp bag

      XO, Natasha.


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