Why I choose to be Pescetarian. . . 

    First off, I know I’ll get vegans and true vegetarians telling me “you’re not really an animal lover, you’re not even helping,etc.” I love animals so much and cry at the thought of anyone even hurting one. I choose to be Pescetarian because I honestly can’t survive without it (I know I’ll get people who say I can) my blood sugar and my energy will drop fast if I don’t have seafood every 2 days at the least. Trust me. I’ve tried being vegan and my body literally could not take it. Not everyone has to be a veggie. I don’t force it so I don’t think anyone should. 

    I absolutely don’t eat pork, chicken, beef, lamb, whatever other meat other than seafood. I do think the slaughterhouses inhumanly kill cows and pigs and every animal I’ve seen. I’ve watched many videos and seen tons of pictures of how awful it’s done. My mom would see me in tears after watching them. 

    People always ask me “well what do you eat then if not meat” like I just eat leaves all day. I still eat eggs, cheese, yogurt (I only use milk for cereal or baking because I’m not fond of the taste) Like I said I love animals so much but I do still have dairy and eggs, I know that isn’t helping the overproduction from people just using the cow but I know I’ll get better and find substitutes throughout my life.  
    I started becoming Pescetarian slowly starting in 6th grade (7/8 years ago) I have to say PETA helped me and educate me on how animals for makeup, food, and even clothing are inhumanly killed or tortured. I will never buy something with fur, my makeup is cruelty free, I try my best with the food part. The over production of the meat industry is causing more CO2 pollution than the car itself! Look it up. Not only is the meat production creating more pollution, large amounts of it is bad for you. People don’t know or don’t even care that they put hormones in animals to bulk them up faster within a short amount of time to feed the masses. You’re eating chemicals.  For many health reasons people completely cut out red meat, but still have chicken and seafood. 

     I know many people won’t agree with me or will tell me how I’m still not helping, the point is I do what my body is able to at this point. I hope I haven’t offended anyone.  I would never suggest doing something that your body can’t handle, eating meat or not. Like I said, my body couldn’t handle being vegan. Know your limits and help in any way and that’s all we can do 🙂 

   XO, Natasha 


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