Whole 30- week 1

     Let me start off by saying, when they said the first week was the hardest- they werent kidding. 3-4 days I was hangry and just wanted bread. I did my research weeks ahead of starting and I’m glad I did. I heard of Whole30 from Katey on her blog and I was willing to challange myself! I started it in hopes of getting back on track food wise.. Ever since November I felt like I was eating anything I wanted while rarely eating healthy stuff in between. I already gave up desserts, soda, and any sweet stuff like that for Lent so I decided I really needed to get healthier. I noticed that I feel less bloated and I think I’ve lost some weight already! However, the rule is you cant weigh yourself during this.. I might cheat on that in a few more weeks;)

     The first day I had scrambled eggs for breakfast cooked with olive oil, for lunch I had shrimp seasoned with broccoli, and for dinner I had eggs yet again. I thought oh this will be easy! My biggest problem is that I hate eating the same stuff over and over again. After 1 week I can say I’m over scrambled eggs so I desperatly went to Pintrest in search of Whole30 recipes. One thing I have learned so far with this is how much added sugar is in things! I really learned about all the crap I was consuming.

     Some days I felt mad because..well….no queso for a Texan is never fun, actually no Mexican food at all really because you cant eat most of it 😦 One morning I had to be at work at 7am and I was actually talking happily to people. That’s rare for me because I’m not a morning person at all! I was so happy to eat at lunch that I would spill my drink on me. The only things that have gotten me through my first week has been green apples, bananas, and the HEB sparkling natural flavored water. It’s what I look forward to. Many times I think I should just quit because it’s more convenient. Doing Whole30 cost more. I’m going to the rodeo Thursday and to Dallas this upcoming weekend and I keep telling myself to just stop now because it’ll be easier during that time and I kinda learned my lesson. After I think of it then I tell myself ok, then what about when it’s over? I’ll most likely finish Whole30, but let me just tell you how badly I want mexican food or bread.

     One recipe that’s quick is any kind of fish covered with egg (mixed) and then covered in spices and unsweetened coconut shreds, I coat a baking sheet with some olive oil and then preheat the oven for 400 degrees and put it in for 15 minutes. You can also just do simple seasoned shrimp and a side of broccoli and fruit! I hate meal prepping so much, but I have no choice.


     I hope this helps anyone who has any intrest in Whole 30! There is a Whole30 cookbook however I dont have it:) Heres the Whole 30 info




2 thoughts on “Whole 30- week 1

  1. I’ve never done the whole 30 but it sounds… seriously not fun. I do like the look of your prepped dish below but I’m a massive carb eater so that sounds killer to me! Well done on getting so far though. Serious kudos, sister!


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