Whole 30 recap

     I finally ended whole30! I have to say it wasn’t as hard as I thought overall, but the first week and a half was hard for me. I did whole 30 only eating seafood as my meat. I think what I learned the most out of this was how much added sugar was in just about everything! As I only eat seafood, I rely on beans to give me some extra protein. That was hard for me-Because I couldn’t eat them. 

     The shame I feel now… I feel so guilty when I eat a non whole30 meal. I lost 10lbs on whole30 and I know I’ll kick myself in the butt if I gain it all back. I did whole30 to lose weight and to actually put good healthy food into my body. I told myself and my family I would still eat whole30 meals at home but when I go out to eat with the family I wouldn’t care- even though I’ll still try to eat somethings healthy. 

     One thing I hated during this was I’m the type of person to get bored with food easily. I would always look up new whole30 recipes so that I would stay on track. If you do decide to start whole30 and don’t know if you can eat a specific food just go to the whole30 website or google ‘can I eat …. On whole 30’.

-For breakfast I’d usually eat eggs (scrambled or hard boiled) with hot sauce, fruit bowl, or a smoothie.

-For lunch I’d try to eat shrimp/fish with veggies and fruit, baked potatoe (only 1-2 times a week), or a whole30 soup.

-I’d usually have fruit or a whole30 Larabar as a snack

-When I’d get home from work I’d normally just have fruit, smoothies, or eggs. 

     Some days I’d found myself not even hungry, I found it weird because other days I couldn’t wait to get home or to find something I could eat! After the second week I honestly felt great! Trust me when I say I am nor will I ever be a morning person, but one day I went to work at 7am and I swear I was in the happiest mood ever. Weird. I was usually happy throughout the day then would feel down once I got hangry but once I ate I was fine again! 

     Towards the last week and a half I was really feeling tired and just worn out. Not once during whole30 did I work out outside my usual routine. I have a fitbit and my daily goal is to burn 2,184 calories and I made my goal almost everyday from school life and work life-I was busy enough. I noticed my joints felt a bit better during whole30 because I get inflamed joints easily due to previous sports.

     I highly recommend this to anyone! It’s hard at first but it’s super worth it! You really learn what is truely good for you and what foods your body actually needs and not wants! I ate half a cookie my first day off and had a horrible headache all day the following day. No thanks if that’s how I’ll react to it! I had no headaches at all during whole30 and I get them every now and then so to not have them was great!! I hope this helps anyone who wants to try it! 

    Click the menu on my page, it has my Pinterest where I created a WHOLE30 board for anyone who needs tips!


           Xo, Natasha


One thought on “Whole 30 recap

  1. What a commitment! Obviously the physical effects are immense, and I also imagine that emotionally you must feel 100%! It’s just so amazing how something as (not so) simple as our diet can affect us!


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