Beauty On Repeat 

     I wanted to share with y’all my favorite repurchases! I swear by these products and have tried them more than 3 times just to double check them;) 

*my face products are based off my normal to dry sensitive skin*

     I absolutely love the Tarte concealer! A little goes a long way and this lasts me longer than I’d ever expect. My facewash is perfect for my skin, I don’t get irritated by it and it has no harsh scents. My hair stylist gave me the Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner set which also comes with a heat spray and not only does it smell soooo good my hair hasn’t even turned bronze yet! I use this every time I wash my hair and then follow up with my Wella conditioner (that also smells amazing). I hope this helps anyone who needs recommendations! 

Wella conditioner
Tarte primer
Tarte concealer
Drybar heat protectant
Paul Mitchell blonde set
Marc Jacobs daisy perfume
First Aid Beauty face wash

          Xo, Natasha 


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