How to get mermaid hair 

First off, who doesn’t love simple hair styles?! Summer is coming up and this is an easy and absolutely no heat tutorial. Being a blonde is hard trying to keep my hair healthy so once I learned this it was my go-to! 

Things you’ll need:

  • The ‘Up for Air’ cream and ‘Texture Takeover’ hairspray from Fave4
  • Teasing brush/comb

Once I washed my hair I patted my hair to where it was damp but still wet. Then I combed my hair and applied a quarter sized amount of ‘Up for Air’. Next, I French braided my hair (make sure it’s not a loose braid) and slept in it overnight and finally took it out around 5pm the next day. You don’t have to wait as long as I did I just didn’t have a reason to take it down yet!:) Once I took my braid out I teased the top of my head in sections then sprayed my ‘Texture Takeover’ all over making sure I got under my layers too! Then I just bobbypined some back out of my face and done! To top it al off I sprayed my Bless Your Hair perfume made my Fave4 and Jessie Decker! 


         XOXO, Natasha  


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