Days Off

Now that the semester is over and I’m getting use to having extra time to relax I wanted to post about what I do on my days off of school and life!

     Ok- so anyone who knows me I will do anything to avoid cleaning, but lately I make sure I do a deep clean of my room once a week. I force myself to. Put on some good music and get to it! I read somewhere about cleaning that if you don’t know where to start, start with your bed and work from there because once it’s fixed you can see what else needs to be cleaned! One extra thing that makes me want to clean my room is buying decor, because why have cute decor and have a messy room?!

Here’s the places I shop for decor:

     Now to beauty! When I know I’ll be cleaning or cooking all day I’ll deep condition my hair first! I know that sounds weird but trust me. I have a lot of blonde in my hair (natural hair is dark brown) so I have to take care of it! I use this after I get my hair wet and mainly put it on my ends but also the middle! I have the 16oz one and it’s been lasting me for about 2 months already and I still have a lot left. Now with skin, I wash my face and put this on to catch up on moisturizer my skin! I have definitely seen a difference with this! I have dry skin mostly around my T zone and this moisturizer is so awesome with fixing it. When I don’t moisturize my skin for a while I will surely notice it when my skin starts peeling-ew. So since it’s your day off and you’re taking care of your skin you probably aren’t wearing makeup, so clean your brushes! I make sure I clean them once a week and you’ll see a difference with your skin. I use eye makeup remover and dawn. Any eye makeup remover would work and Dawn is everywhere! It just gets allllll the junk out and makes them clean!

     One thing I LOVE doing is cooking/baking! Everytime I grocery shop I always get the ingredients to make something. I have to! I find it relaxing and really fun, but I love to do it to prepare to be the best girlfriend ever 😉 I use to paint but lately this is my creative outlet! Be sure to check out my cooking category for recipes! 
         What do y’all do on your days off?

XOXO, Natasha. 




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