My new favorites

     I have recently discovered a few new products that I LOVE! I have spoken of 2 of them already, but I love them so much that I have to tell y’all again. So first off there are two perfumes that I DIE for. One of the perfumes is the Marc Jacobs daisy perfume that I’ve spoken about before, and the second one is called ‘Citron Glace’ by Eau De Parfum found at Urban outfitters for only $18!!! It smells so unique and heavenly. Onto moisturizing, I have found this lotion that Daniel and I use on our feet and it’s amazing. I have dry skin, and I’ve tried many lotions to try to help my skin. This one actually keeps my feet moisturized for a long amount of time! It contains tea tree oil and peppermint so if you and your SO want to massage this onto each other’s feet at the end of a long day it feels great! Next is my 2 favorite face moisturizers, one is a cream and the other is a spray! At night I usually put my Fresh Lotus cream on so that it can really work while I sleep. When I get ready to put my makeup on I always put 1 layer of the almond spray before anything else! I feel like my skin is less dry when I do that simple step. Lastly, I love everything about white teeth. I’ve tried strips, whitening kits from the dentist, generic whitening toothpaste and nothing really made a difference. I recently got this toothpaste that really works! It doesn’t have a harsh taste, isn’t messy like gel kits- just like regular toothpaste! Links below. . . .

Cream moisturizer

Foot lotion

Citron Glacé perfume

Marc Jacobs perfume

Almond spray

Whitening Toothpaste

       I hope y’all love!!



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