Christmas Picks 2016

I can’t EVEN! It’s already November.. I haven’t shopped at all for Christmas presents, I don’t know where to even begin. I usually Christmas shop in July or August so don’t end up rushing, yet here I am this year doing just that!

It’s a tradition to always get yourself Christmas pjs right? I’m loving these ‘Ok, but first presents’ set from Nordstrom! I’m always the 1st person up because I’m excited for Christmas breakfast and presents. One thing I want so bad is the kitchen aid stand up mixer but I also don’t need to be dropping $300 on a kitchen mixer right now. So I picked a similar one for HALF the price! Fellas, get this if your lady loves cooking. Also, every girl needs a nice pair of boots! The ones below are simple and will go great whether you’re running errands or dressing them up.

The cliché handyman set is a must. I know guys love fixing things, even if they  just mount the tv on the wall to watch football, they’ll love it! This skin care set is a DEAL! Three 3oz tubes and a facial bar for $50. That’s not some small tubes, that’s a full size! Also I know there’s a few things the guys in my family can not live without so I added those in this post too!

Most importantly, there’s gift ideas for the ladies, men, and couples! Nothing like a monogrammed blanket for a couple to cuddle up with by a fire drinking hot cocoa! Every newlywed couple or just everyone in general needs a $20 crock pot, because I mean it’s just $20!? At least that’s why I bought myself one and love it. Kitchen products are a necessity for couples who are living on their own, so it’s a perfect gift!



Pj set
Cross bracelet
Eyeshadow palette

Nike shorts
Face Cleanser set
Compass key chain
Tool set

Food processor

Happy shopping!!
Xoxo, Natasha


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