Save or splurge! Pt. 2

Last year I did part 1 of this series, and I’ve found more items to share again! Everyone loves to save money and to buy pieces that are worth the money. I’ll be showing you what’s worth spending the big bucks on and what’s not.

To start things off with a bang, let me tell you about this leopard clutch and sunglasses. The Prada brand of these sunglasses is over $300! The identical pair that isn’t Prada is only $12! I know the Designer Chloe ’62mm’ sunglasses are a huge trend but cost almost $400. I swear I saw an identical pair at Francesca’s for under $20! Unfortunately, they don’t have it posted online, but I saw them in store. Let’s talk about this leopard clutch, it’s been seen everywhere by every blogger. I wanted this leopard clutch, but could never just drop $300 on a clutch, this Sole Society version is less than $40!



I know this cheaper alternative of the velvet trend Gucci bag isn’t very similar, but there is a Rebecca Minkoff version that’s under $200. Since velvet is a trend, I decided to find the most affordable version of a velvet bag plus this green is so pretty! Everyone needs a black bag as a go to, so you can always invest in a great piece that will last you forever or get the affordable version! The cheaper version of this Zac Posen bag doesn’t have as much hardware on it, but it’s still cute!




Now let’s talk about jewelry! These BaubleBar tassel earrings are trending as well and compared to the price of the Oscar de la Renta tassel earrings you save a ton! This nail ring by James Avery is my favorite. I’ve loved the Cartier nail ring forever, but it’s over $2000! The cheaper nail ring alternative is made out of sterling silver which is still a great material and will last a long time. You will definitely be seeing this ring on my fingers! I always love following trends, especially if I get a good deal. This Tiffany & Co ‘T’ rose gold bracelet is over a thousand dollars, but Nordstrom has a cheaper alternative.






I’ve linked the items with the higher prices on top, and lower prices items/similar towards the bottom

Oscar de la Renta earrings
BaubleBar earrings
Cartier ring
James Avery ring
Clare V clutch
Sole Society clutch
Tiffany & Co bracelet
Topshop bracelet
Velvet Gucci bag
Rebecca Minkoff version
BP velvet bag
Prada sunglasses
BP sunglasses
Zac Posen black bag
Sole Society black bag

Don’t get me wrong, some items are worth splurging the extra money on. One thing I don’t ever recommend is spending a ton of money just to stay with trends. If you truly believe you will use that item for many years then buy the expensive item. The best of both worlds is when you find a cheaper option that is still very good quality, just like the nail ring! I will try my best to post a splurge or save every month with the best deals on trends I can find. I hope y’all enjoy this post!

   Xo, Natasha


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