Back to the Dark side 

First off, I thought the title of this post was funny! I have gone back to being a brunette, and I’m still trying to get used to it. The main reason why I stopped being blonde is because I noticed my natural hair trying to come back, and I didn’t want to damage it. Since my natural hair, the past few years is usually wavy I don’t really do much to it except some mouse here and there. However, it seems like I have random sections of hair that are really curly now! I have no idea how to manage my hair now, and Daniel calls me crazy hair every morning haha.

I don’t have any idea which hair products I should be using, but I’ll tell you what’s been working for me. I watched a tutorial video about the L’Oréal hair mousse for curly hair, and it seemed to really work it’s called Curl It and is in a black and purple bottle. When I first got it I kinda hated it just because my hair didn’t really work with it but now that it’s getting semi curly I like it! One of my favorite products is the Shea Moisture restorative conditioner just a nickel size about after washing my hair works. You can apply the Shea Moisture all over for 20 minutes and wash out if you want to deep condition your hair. Since my hair was semi-blonde for about 2 years and felt really dry- not only is deep conditioning a must but so are vitamins! I’ve been taking the Whole Foods 365 vegetarian women’s multivitamin for many reasons, but it’s great that it has biotin in it. One thing I’ve noticed is that in some multivitamins there isn’t biotin.

I know Pantene isn’t the best for my hair, but it’s what works for now. One brand I really want to try is DevaCurl. DevaCurl has hair cremes and many other stuff that I want, but one thing I’m dying to try is their diffuser! I’ll link all the products below so you can check them out. 

Shea Moisture conditioner
DevaCurl products
365 vitamins

Outfit details:

Faux leather jacket

I hope y’all enjoy this post, and tell me if you have any hair product suggestions!

Xo, Natasha.


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