Morning routine 

I’ve seen many YouTubers do videos over their morning routine, but that’s not my niche so I’ll write about it! The very first thing I do when I wake up is get on my phone although I hate to admit it, haha, however, I’d like to justify myself by saying I get on my phone so my eyes get used to the light before I turn on any lights. I usually check the weather to prepare myself for the crazy Texas weather and just see what’s going on in the world on the Twitter news section. I never eat breakfast that much so I’ll either make tea or a smoothie, then start my makeup! I always apply a moisturizer spray or cream before I put on my makeup because my skin just feels and looks better when I do so.

When I go to my classes I’ll always do a simple makeup look, grab water and a snack then head out the door. If I’m staying home all day or running errands then I’ll sleep in, eat some type of breakfast (I’m trying to eat proper meals) and watch my favorite YouTubers to start my day! I love watching Mallory Ervin which I will link Here and she just makes me laugh because she’s so lighthearted. My other favorite is Alex Garza Maddalena which you can view Here and she has a separate vlog with her husband Here that I love! After I catch up on my YouTube then I’ll shower and get ready for my day!

The NYX powder I used Elf foundation Elf concealer Similar contour blush & highlight pallet NYX mascara

I hope y’all love this short and simple post and love checking out my favorite YouTubers! I know my hair was crazy in this post, but that’s me!

Xo, Natasha.


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