Valentines for Her

This is my part 1 of 3 valentines posts! I’ll be doing a Valentines for him as well, along with what to wear on date night this Valentine’s Day. Not to be too cliché, but I love Valentine’s Day! My Mom and Dad would always give my sister and me little gift bags Valentine’s morning, plus it’s just fun when you’re young. This year I’ll be a tad bit extra since it’s my first year with Daniel! I put some gift ideas together to help the men in your life or to just start brainstorming. I hope y’all love my ideas!

One thing I swear by is the Anastasia BH matte lipstick. I’m not lying when I say you can put it on once, and not have to reapply at all throughout the day. To have that glory skin for your Valentine’s date I’d recommend a sheet mask, They’re super affordable and rehydrating! I know these fuzzball shoes may seem a bit crazy but that’s exactly what my personality is! I’ve heard that these fun sneakers are so comfy.

Is it really Valentine’s if you don’t get something with a heart on it? This James Avery heart bracelet is so cute, and when you get it from your significant other it’ll have a special meaning. I die for the forehead kisses beanie. I’ve told Daniel a million times that I want it! Everyone wants a nice smelling room right? I’ve had this candle before, and I burned it just about every day, but it still lasted me at least 2-3 months! Plus it actually makes your room smell good, unlike other candles that cost even more. This pink tassel blanket is soo soft! You can splurge and get this one or get a cheaper one at Target that’s soft too. BaubleBar has these hot pink tassel earrings that are so fun to wear out on date nights! I’ve really been trying to have actual night/sleep clothing, and not just random shorts and a T-shirt, so what’s a better way than to get this adorable pink and lace robe? It has such a romantic look without it looking too much.

Now onto the bigger items! I’ve been seeing these leopard clutches everywhere, but they cost over $100, and as a college student I can’t drop that much on every trending item I see. This clutch will only cost you $40! I die over the pink tote with flowers on it. It’s still so simple, but the flowers add a nice touch, it’ll be perfect for spring! Now back to makeup items, KatVonD has great lipsticks, and TooFaced has great stuff all around so this gift set for $38 is a deal! I know I’ve been saying I die over everything, but I literally die over this miss Dior fragrance, and the love swept body lotion. Talk about smelling like heaven!

Last but not least, bath bombs. To the few guys reading this, don’t you want your SO to relax in a nice bath? Get every woman in your life bath bombs from Lush. No one wants their lady to be dehydrated so get her a Swell water bottle, or any cute one you see so she can take it on the go!

Leopard clutch

Loveswept lotion

Dior perfume 

Makeup gift set

Pink tote

Forehead kisses beanie

Tassel earrings 

Pink robe 

Heart bracelet 

Sheet mask

ABH Lipstick 

Red candle 

Tassel blanket 

Soft Blanket (cheaper alternative)

Bath bombs
Swell water bottle
Faux fur sneakers




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