Valentines for Him 

Welcome to part 2 of my Valentines posts! Last week I created a gift guide for women, and this week is all about the special men in our lives. I’m saying sorry in advance for saying Daniel so many times haha! I swear I use Daniel and my sister’s husband as my testers when it comes to their favorite products. Now let’s get started!





First off, this shaver is Daniel’s favorite Christmas gift. Daniel loves being able to shave before work without all the hassle and mess that regular shaving causes. One thing that I love that Daniel has is the light blue cologne, and it smells soo good. I’ve seen record players everywhere, and some cost quite a bit, so I found this one for under $80! Every guy needs to be taking care of his skin just like us women, so this Lab Series set I listed is perfect for a gift. What guy doesn’t like a nice pair of shoes? There are so many options other than just this shoe, but shoes are always a good gift for casual days. Like I said in my Valentine’s for her post, you wouldn’t want your significant other to dehydrate so get them a water bottle! It doesn’t have to be Swell, but this bottle doesn’t sweat so you can carry it around without any mess.

One thing I didn’t see was any loungewear for men, so I picked out this long sleeve Nike shirt that guys can wear on walks or just on casual days. Daniel loves these Nike shorts! I got him the shorts in black, and he wears them around the house or to sleep in. I always see Daniel get so many different hair gels without loving them, and I’ve heard a lot of great reviews about this Fave4 matte gel! I can’t wait to have Daniel try this gel out. I know guys like to be pampered just as much as girls, that’s why this bodywash set is perfect! Daniel loves his regular men’s dove wash, but this set is great for a little something extra. How many of your guys play Xbox?!🙋🏻 Daniel is notorious for trying to play when I’m really tired or doing schoolwork so these Bose headphones are perfect to plug into the controller so the guys can still hear the game without me hearing it. Plus a nice pair of headphones is always a good idea especially when traveling. Speaking of traveling, Daniel and I are trying to take trips together this year and I surprised him with a leather passport cover that he really loved, so I’m sharing the same idea with y’all! I’m so sorry that I keep talking about Daniel, but he’s basically my test run for any men’s products haha.

 One thing Daniel lacks is any luggage! I didn’t list any luggage just because there are tons online, and I’d rather y’all go to a store to see them and not just go off my opinion. I will start Daniel off with this nice backpack to bring as a carry-on! I love the look of it so I’m sure he will too. The multipurpose tool and wool tie are in a way ‘stocking stuffers’ of Valentine’s. Daniel is always helping me hang stuff up or trying to fix things, so why not get him a handy tool with his letter on it? The wool tie is $20 so I’ll just leave that there. Such a good deal on wool! A classic gift for any guy is his favorite team or player jersey! Derek Carr is Daniels favorite football player even though he’s a 49ers fan. You can’t go wrong with a jersey or a Tshirt that has the players number on it. This leather bracelet is a great idea for a gift as well! This fish hook bracelet gets its meaning from the saying “fishers of men” which is from the Bible, so it’s perfect for any guy at any age.

Hair gel
Body wash
Multipurpose tool
Record player
Light Blue cologne
Nike shoes
Carr jersey
Kaepernick jersey
Leather bracelet
Swell water bottle
Red Nike shirt
Nike shorts
Passport cover
Face wash gift set

Hope you get inspired with this gift guide!

Xo, Natasha


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