What to wear for Valentine’s 

I originally was going to do one huge post about where to eat, and what to wear for Valentine’s, but this is such a fun post that I had to do it separately. I always come up with a reason to have fun or to celebrate something so even if you’re not dating go out with your friends! All of these items are under $100, and you can wear the items after Valentine’s too!

Black dress | Blue dress Off the shoulder rose dress | Off the shoulder red dress | Pink dress
Rhinestone flats | Red heels | Black heels | Pink heels | Black wrap flats

Tassel earrings Pink drop earrings Pink Rhinestone earrings

love the blue embroidered off the shoulder dress. It’s not only perfect for valentines but for spring! My favorite out of these shoes is the black heels, just because it’s similar to the Valentino heels that are over $900! Most of these items are trending, but to me, they won’t ever go out of style.

Stay tuned for my ‘Where to eat’ for valentines coming soon!

Xo, Natasha.


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