All about Inflammation 

So not everyone knows about how I have joint flare ups on my knees and shoulders which can be pretty painful. I played sports when I was younger and had an accident a couple of years ago so my joints aren’t necessarily in the best condition. Long story short from all of the conditioning from sports and just falling down during games my bones have taken a few hits, and when I had an accident I couldn’t even lift my shoulder for about a week-2weeks. This post is about what I do to help ease my arthritis (joint inflammation) and hopefully it helps those who have similar problems!

Acupuncture! I know it can be some what scary because you’re getting needles put in your skin, but it works. There have been times where I’ve cried so much because my knees had a deep burning and sharp pain to where I’d beg my mom to either take me to the ER or to go straight to the acupuncture in the morning. I promise you it doesn’t hurt except in the core of where your pain is coming from. I think there was only one time where I couldn’t handle the pain of it and cried, it was right after the accident where I couldn’t move my shoulder.

Walking. I know doctors say you should stay active if you have arthritis, but I have to find a middle ground. One way I flared up my inflammation pretty bad was being on an elliptical for 2 hours. It wasn’t my brightest idea. Now that lent is coming up I told myself I need to walk 1-2 miles a day around my neighborhood so that I can keep my joints moving.

Tea. I love drinking the Teamiblends ‘Alive’ tea because it helps with blood flow and inflammation. I’ve really felt the difference this past week when my inflammation flared up from 6-8 hour shifts standing on tile for 4-5 days a week. The tea is great hot or cold and I sweeten it with honey and usually take it on the go to school or work! You can use my code ‘Natasha0x’ Here for a discount on your entire purchase! Everyone loves saving money ☺️

Creams. I’ve been using this twice a day on my knees and shoulders and it’s helped a ton. I know you might be unsure about it since it’s made from hemp, but if you look at the FAQ’s on their website it’s completely okay to use. Sometimes they have a discount code on the top of the website that says ‘Activ10’ for 10% off your first order, because I know it’s not cheap.

Knee brace. When my joins flare up I will completely feel my joints  moving around and it’s painful paired with the burning feeling. I highly recommend to wear a knee brace or whatever joint brace to help keep your joints in place and to relieve some pain.
This is a somewhat personal blog post because I know someone else has to be feeling the same way I do when it comes to joint issues. I really hope this post helps y’all with any discomfort y’all have!

Xo, Natasha

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