5 bags to have in your closet

Hey, everyone! I hope everyone has great spring break plans, even if you’re just relaxing at home with your family:) I wanted to share my top favorite bags with y’all and tips on what staple pieces you can have in your closet. Maybe it’s just me, but I really don’t like having more than 5 bags in my closet because it feels like it’s too much haha.  It’s great to have a beige, brown, and black bag in your wardrobe. I listed some affordable and amazing quality bags for y’all to look at. I always like to add a colorful or statement bag into my wardrobe to add a little fun!

Gray bag // Brown bag // White bag // Pink bag // Black bag

I picked a few bags that can be worn in different ways, just because I love being able to either carry my purse with my hands and also hands-free.

My bags (In the pictures below) are linked underneath with similar or exact links. My Louis Vuitton speedy 25 was bought from TheRealReal.com for under $400. They have an option to make payments on pre-loved designer bags. I would 50/50 recommend it only because they don’t give much detail on how old the bags are, but it is a great alternative than buying it full price when you’re new to designer bags. Both of my Michael Kors bags weren’t full price, the pink one Daniel got me in Utah when it was on sale. The white monogrammed bag I bought off eBay for $50. I will always recommend eBay if you want a bargain, but be careful and know what’s real or not by watching YouTube videos. The brown bag was $35 from Charming Charlie’s and is no longer available, but I will link a similar one. The black bag is by BP from Nordstrom and isn’t available either, but I will link a similar one!

Black similar // Louis Vuitton options // Pink Michael Kors (different color) // White Michael Kors (bigger version) // Brown similar

Xo, Natasha.

Instagram: @Natasha0x_



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