Tarte obsession 

My favorite makeup brand in the entire world is Tarte! A few years ago I tried the Tarte Amazonian clay foundation and till this day it is my holy grail foundation. Tarte is a cruelty-free vegan brand that has great ingredients that work for all skin types, and have recently started doing skin care (which I love too). I am obsessed with the rainforest of the sea marine spray that you can get a small bottle at Sephora for $12- and it’ll be the best money you spend! The marine spray smells amazing and it’s made my skin feel healthy with its vitamin C. I also love their maracuja concealer because a little goes a long way and lasts alllll day! To be completely honest there’s only been one thing I wasn’t a huge fan of [even though it was still good] was the rainforest of the sea foundation for dry skin. I felt like I went through the bottle, which is 1oz faster than any foundation. I like my foundation to be medium to full coverage and even though it could be built up, it still didn’t last long. I went back to my original Amazonian clay foundation by them and love it! I spray the marine boosting spray onto my skin before applying foundation and it helps my skin a ton!

Ok, y’all have to go grab the Tarte cleaning pack from Sephora! I got the coal cleanser,  rainforest cleanser, and a face scrub for $12  and it works so well to get stubborn dirt out of your pores. Plus who can beat $12?! I also got the Rainforest of the sea eyeshadow pallet, but stay tuned for a separate post about it with swatches and a look!

P.s don’t forget that Ulta has their beauty event where you can get 50% off on makeup & skin care starting March 19th! Trying to help y’all get great deals haha.

Xo, Natasha 


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