Get to know me | 15 interesting facts about me 

Hey y’all! I wanted to do a 15 facts about me post so that y’all could get to know more about me and what I like! I already did an about me post, but I didn’t go into much detail. I hope y’all love this longer version!

1. When I first started driving I couldn’t wear shoes or jewelry, i felt like it distracted me!

2. I love art and science! If I could replace math with those 2 I’d be perfect in school. I’ve drawn and painted since I was a kid.

3. I suffer with ADD, but not as much as I use to. I’ve cut out a lot of sugar in my diet and it helped a ton.

4. I’d rather walk barefoot but since that’s socially unacceptable I always prefer sandals haha! But I do walk barefoot in my yard/house.

5. I hate having unpainted nails! I feel like they were made to have color on them haha. I also hate painting them myself because I’m a mess at it.

6. I’ve had this pillow case that’s a specific color and fabric since I was a child! When I need a new one I have to hunt that exact color and fabric down. I also hate when people lay on it haha! I know that sounds crazy.

7. I hate cleaning. If I clean I like to have a YouTube or song in the background or someone has to help cuz I get distracted or bored with it. If I ever clean on my own it’s cuz I have a huge burst of energy.

8. I have to sleep with a fan on and wear shorts to bed. No matter how cold it is!

9. When I go on down on escalators I have to go second if I’m with someone because I feel like I’ll fall down and when I’m going up I have to go first so I don’t feel like I’ll fall backwards.

10. I’m allergic to red apples. Specifically red (I know that’s weird) or any type of all natural juice. If I think about a juice cleanse- Can’t ever try it. My throat gets itchy and I start coughing or closes up until I take a Benadryl.

11. I hate taking pictures of myself (I know, who would think a blogger would hate pictures) but I’m never one to say “let’s take a selfie” or anything like that. But I do it for fun for the blog #doitfortheblog

12. I love listening to violin covers of songs.

13. I have never lived without a cat or dog.

14. I hate vanilla scented things, they make me nauseous.

15. I use to want to be a fashion designer. (I had a sketch book filled with drawings forever)

I hope y’all enjoyed these random facts about me! Make sure you’re following my YouTube channel Here for videos that are coming soon!

Xo, Natasha.


About Me

Hey y’all! I’ve never formally introduced myself so here I go!

My name is Natasha O’Neal, I’m 20 years old and love anything about animals! As a few of y’all know, I love baking and cooking. My dream kitchen is basically anything in Williams Sonoma. The most important thing is that I hold my family and God as the top priorities in life, and wouldn’t want anything else above them!

Okay, so I have a confession… I’m a cat lady. I’ve had cats all my life and currently have 6 cats!! (That’s including the stray my family has been caring for) 3 of my animals are rescues. I also have a pitbull mix and have had other exotic animals like iguanas and ferrets! I can not turn away animals. I can talk about animals all day!

LOVE home decor. I fall for Homegoods and Target all the time. I mostly go for unique pieces or any rustic/home vibes. My favorite holiday is Christmas, so just imagine how crazy I get with decor around December! My tree is already up haha.

One thing I believe that is very important to do is to give back. See a homeless person on the street holding a sign saying “Hungry” and you have food? Offer it to them. Being kind to others is not hard. We need kinder people in the world. Does your church need volunteers? Offer your help. Love animals? Go volunteer at a shelter. I’m such an emotional person that when Daniel and I were at Crackle Barrel (My favorite place) We saw this old man alone praying over his food and me just teared up because it was the cutest thing ever.

I love traveling and learning. Both of my grandmothers taught me to always stay in school and to explore the world. Like I said earlier, I hold my family dear to my heart so of course, I did what they said. I took my first trip outside of the country to Haiti….and I loved it! I would highly recommend going on a mission trip or vision trip for your first time out of the country. Also, I’m currently in college aspiring to become an occupational therapist! I love helping people and would love to work with children. I basically love everything haha!

Here’s what I’m wearing! It’s so comfy for the fall weather that finally arrived.

Flannel  | Shirt | Jeans | Purse  | Boots

Hope y’all loved getting to know more about me!

Xoxo, Natasha.

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