Ballin’ on a budget | Pt. 1

Hello everyone! I’m starting a new blog post series called Ballin’ on a budget which means I’ll show y’all how to find designer items at affordable prices, and items that are trending/in style without breaking the bank! Sadly I won’t be doing any “save or splurge” posts but this will be very similar!

1. Tory Burch // 2. White shorts // 3. Denim skirt // 4. Off the shoulder top // 5. Oversized cardigan // 6. Layered necklace // 7. Nude espadrille sandals // 8. Saddle bag // 9. Monogram necklace // 10. Black heels

I’m in love with everything in the photos! I’m a lace up shoe fanatic so both of these designer shoes are right up my ally plus they’re great prices! Especially for Marc Fisher. I don’t know if y’all know this about me, but I love wearing sweaters and nice cardigans all year around (I know that makes me sound crazy in Houston) but I can’t help it. This oversized cardigan is definitely on my wish list. These gold layered necklaces are so in style right now so why not get one without breaking the bank? To top everything off this Tory Burch pink pouch is super cute and it’s a great price. I love finding designer items that don’t make you feel guilty for spending a lot…That’s what ballin’ on a budget is all about!

Xo, Natasha



I can’t believe it’s already almost new years! Daniel and I always love doing something fun on new years eve, so this year we’re planning on going to some events around Houston. I’ll link some events that are going on at the end of this post.

To be honest, I have never dressed cute like other girls do on new years, but this is the first time Daniel and I have lived together so I figured we should have a blast with it this year! I found some affordable and fun outfits that are at your local retail stores so that there isn’t any hassle of ordering something and it not working out. Mini dresses aren’t my thing, so all of my picks are just the right length!

V-neck Romper

Black shift dress

White shift dress

Velvet dress

Slit dress

Red dress

Green dress

Free Places to be:

City Centre NYE event

Sugarland NYE event

Kemah Boardwalk NYE event

I hope everyone has a safe New Years! See you in 2017 😉 
Xo, Natasha
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Anniversary outfit 

     As Daniel and I have our 3 year anniversary coming up I decided I’d start getting a few ideas about what to wear! I got these white skinny jeans from Nordstrom during the sale! I lovveeee them, and they are so comfy. This whole look is super affordable, especially having my shoes from Payless! I love this denim shirt because it’s still cute, but not too tight either. The most expensive item is the purse, but I suggest looking on resale websites where you can find gently used bags for a fraction of the cost! 




Bag (resale)


Shoes similar
Necklace similar

      I hope y’all love! 

                     Xoxo, Natasha