Recent Purchases

I wanted to share my recent purchases with y’all! I did get all of these items on sale during the Nordstrom sale, and unfortunately, they are back to their full prices if you didn’t already snag them.  I am going on a trip to Utah soon so most of these items were to have for the trip. I wish I could wear them now, but Houston is too hot still haha. If you couldn’t tell, I’m obsessed with any leopard/cheetah print! I went up half a size in the Topshop sneakers and I’m glad I did. My absolute favourite item from the sale is the oil diffuser! I’ve been looking at them forever and sometimes they can get very pricey so I believe I got it for $29! I use it every day. The most expensive item I got was the Frye Boots, I originally went in to try on the Tory Burch boots but decided they were a little too sleek-looking for my style so I went with these! Like I said, they’re pricey but I know I’ll get a ton of wears out of them.

Click on the links below to shop:

Grey Sweater // Leopard Scarf // Leopard wrap // Grey Pants // Leopard Sneaker // Floral Shorts // Shampoo & Conditioner Kit // Knit Cardigan //Oil Diffuser // Moisturizer // Skin Smoothing Polish // Lavender Neck Pillow // Frye Leather Boots //Leopard Loafer // Thermal Cozy Top (black) // Ripped Jeans // Deodorant // Eye patches

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Xo, Natasha.


5 ways to de-stress 

Hello, everyone! I hope everyone has a great start to their week and I hope it’s a happy and quick week! I’m not ever going to lie to yall and say I don’t get stressed because I do, so I came up with my 5 ways I de-stress to share with Y’all!

  1. Grab some fuzzy socks, a cup of your favorite tea and watch your favorite YouTuber.
  2. Take a warm shower. Grab your favorite body scrub and body wash! Then when you’re done, get your favorite smell good lotion and moisturize your skin. Nothing like smelling good to make you feel a bit better!
  3. Read a book! I love reading religious books or adventure books! Here’s  one book that I just finished and man- it’s worth the read I promise you!
  4. Light a candle. I stock up when Bath and Body Works has their candle sales for this exact reason! I light a candle and read or watch videos- do something YOU like to do.
  5. Pamper yourself. Put on those fuzzy socks, wash your face & apply a mask and just relax! I Make all of my off days my spa day, self-care is very important!

Mint mask // Book // Candle // Aloe fuzzy socks // Lotion

*Make sure if you get the mint mask you put ‘Natasha‘ in the “Where did you hear about us?” Section at checkout for $$ off your next order!*

I hope all of these tips help anyone who needs to de-stress! Like I said, self-care is very important and it’s just as important to do stuff that you like to do when you’re off and have free time!

Here’s our latest YouTube video!

Xo, Natasha. 

Cyber Monday Deals!

Happy Cyber Monday!! As a lot of people know, I love Nordstrom. They almost always have everything in stock so that I can show Y’all the great deals! They have tons of other name brand items under $100 for today that y’all should go see.

So first off, these boots. REAL leather booties for under $100!? What a deal. I love mine because they go with anything. They can make a look edgy or just wear them casually. Now this sweater. I would recommend going down a size if you want a more fitted style. I got a medium which is true to my size, but is a tunic length to me. It’s so soft and can be worn with boots and jeans! That’s my go to look for winter with this sweater. Plus it comes in more colors! These jeans are my favorite. I love all the jeans from this brand! I wear these jeans with anything, and they last long! I have a habit of pulling up my jeans by the loops and they would always rip so I switched to this brand and I’ve never had an issue with their jeans! Rebecca Minkoff under $100. What a deal. Everyone should have a black cross body for those night outs or dates!





Similar bag


Here’s some other amazing deals for any gifts! All under $105!


Fossil watch



Happy shopping!

Xo, Natasha.

About Me

Hey y’all! I’ve never formally introduced myself so here I go!

My name is Natasha O’Neal, I’m 20 years old and love anything about animals! As a few of y’all know, I love baking and cooking. My dream kitchen is basically anything in Williams Sonoma. The most important thing is that I hold my family and God as the top priorities in life, and wouldn’t want anything else above them!

Okay, so I have a confession… I’m a cat lady. I’ve had cats all my life and currently have 6 cats!! (That’s including the stray my family has been caring for) 3 of my animals are rescues. I also have a pitbull mix and have had other exotic animals like iguanas and ferrets! I can not turn away animals. I can talk about animals all day!

LOVE home decor. I fall for Homegoods and Target all the time. I mostly go for unique pieces or any rustic/home vibes. My favorite holiday is Christmas, so just imagine how crazy I get with decor around December! My tree is already up haha.

One thing I believe that is very important to do is to give back. See a homeless person on the street holding a sign saying “Hungry” and you have food? Offer it to them. Being kind to others is not hard. We need kinder people in the world. Does your church need volunteers? Offer your help. Love animals? Go volunteer at a shelter. I’m such an emotional person that when Daniel and I were at Crackle Barrel (My favorite place) We saw this old man alone praying over his food and me just teared up because it was the cutest thing ever.

I love traveling and learning. Both of my grandmothers taught me to always stay in school and to explore the world. Like I said earlier, I hold my family dear to my heart so of course, I did what they said. I took my first trip outside of the country to Haiti….and I loved it! I would highly recommend going on a mission trip or vision trip for your first time out of the country. Also, I’m currently in college aspiring to become an occupational therapist! I love helping people and would love to work with children. I basically love everything haha!

Here’s what I’m wearing! It’s so comfy for the fall weather that finally arrived.

Flannel  | Shirt | Jeans | Purse  | Boots

Hope y’all loved getting to know more about me!

Xoxo, Natasha.

To contact me, email me at:

Flowers for fall 

     This is one of my favorite dresses! It has that romantic feel that you can dress up or down with boots or cute flats. Plus it has pockets! I love just about everything from Free People so this dress is the cherry on top 🙂 I’m usually a medium, but I got this in a small and it fits perfectly! Knee high boots are a trend right now and not everyone has $600+ to spend on designer ones so these were less than half of designer ones! I loved these because they didn’t have much of a heel (I’m tall enough already) so I know I’ll wear these during the fall and winter season.




  I hope y’all love this! 

Xoxo, Natasha

Stunna shades 

As the sun comes out more I figured I’d do a post about my favorite sunnies! The prices range is from under $20 to under $200 so this is great for all price ranges. I’m super picky when it comes to sunglasses, because I hate when the little nose plates are too low on my nose that eventually give me head aches:/ So if you’re like me then these are perfect!

The cheap but Quay look alikes are my tan ones featured in This post which I love! Priced at $18 Here (only black color left) but maybe they still have tan in stores! 

Quay is an upcoming brand that can actually be pretty affordable! I love my sisters black ones which I wore in This post and are priced at $50 Here

My favorite pair is my pink ray bans which are the most expensive pair at $175 Here

 If anyone has the same issue with the nose part please suggest some! 🙂 

       Xoxo, Natasha 

Perfect Packing

   So usually when I fly I use Southwest, however this time since Daniel and I got the plane ticket late it was too expensive for just a oneway flight- So we ended up buying my ticket with Allegiant air! They charge for their carry-ons which is a bummer but it made this the perfect time to put my packing skills to the test! I bought this black bag from Target about 2 years ago and it is SO perfect as a carry on. With Alligant I can also carry on a free personal item, so of course I grabbed the biggest handbag I own!

Here is what all I have in my black bag:

  • 1 pair of socks
  • 2 shoes
  • 3 dresses
  • 1 romper
  • 4 shorts
  • 4 shirts
  • 2 bathing suits
  • bras & underwear for 5 days
  • protein bars
  • skincare (travel sizes)


Here is what all I have in my purse:

  • travel journal
  • 2 magazines
  • makeupbag
  • jewlery pouch
  • travel list
  • coupon book
  • chargers
  • ipad
  • wallet
  • medicine(s)



  The key is to line the bottom edges with your shoes to create a sort of base and then I fill the center with my shorts or other clothing. Roll things up. Rolling things up like shirts and dresses really creates more space! Another tip is to pack thin clothing items, unless youre going somewhere cold. My dresses for example are usually tshirt materials or thin cotton so they don’t take up much room naturally. If you have bulky items I suggest getting one of those compress bags that flatten them! Have small items? Stuff them inside your shoes. This helps so much, especially if you’re packing boots!

   I start packing a month out of my trip- I know it sounds crazy but I basically do a rough draft of packing before I truly pack. When doing my rough draft I just throw everything I want to wear in a bag and that’s it. Then once I actually pack I ask myself these questions:

  1. Will I really wear this?
  2. Where will I wear it?
  3. Is this item a true need when I’m only going to be gone __ amount of days?

   If I’m going on a short trip and don’t truly need an item in the few days I’m gone- I don’t pack it. Let’s be honest, your face doesn’t need to be 100% beat when traveling. Just pack the necessities like foundation, mascara, eyebrow stuff, bronzer/powder, and a few lipsticks. Don’t pack your entire blush collection or 3 different foundations. Pack only a few shoes that can go with multiple outfits and that are comfortable! Most importantly, pack comfortable clothes. No one wants clothes in their luggage taking up room when they ended up being too hot/cold to wear. Look up the weather before so you don’t pack unnecessary things. 

    I hope this helps y’all!!

          Xoxo, Natasha.