Camo and Gold

Happy Friday! I’m loving this camo trend and this shirt is the softest one ever from Francesca’s for only $28! I will link cheaper versions of everything below as well.

I know y’all love affordable products so from now on I’ll try to find outfits and designer items for less! I’ve been wanting one of these gold layered necklaces for months now but dropping $40 at baublebar (all though I know their products are great) I just couldn’t. I got this necklace from The Styled Collection and they give $$ back to animals! The gold hoops are from Francesca’s as well so I’ll link them or similar ones below. These Vigoss jeans can be more than other jeans but they last forever and are super comfortable and worth it. I bought my Tory Burch bag from @shopkateyscloset on Instagram for half price! I highly suggest seeing if your favorite bloggers/YouTubers have a postmark or Instagram page where they sell their designer items or go to fashionfile or any resale authentic website to buy designer bags for a cheaper price. Like I said in my Ballin’ on a Budget post these black heels are under $40 and they’re designer! This lipstick is one of my holy grail products because it dries on and literally stays on all dang day!

1.Exact shirt // Cheaper version of the shirt
2.Similar jeans // Cheaper version of jeans

3.Exact hoops

4.Exact necklace // Cheaper version of necklace

5.Exact shoes // Cheaper version of shoes

6. Exact bag is no longer Available // Similar & cheaper bag version

7. Exact lipstick

Xo, Natasha

Ballin’ on a budget | Pt. 1

Hello everyone! I’m starting a new blog post series called Ballin’ on a budget which means I’ll show y’all how to find designer items at affordable prices, and items that are trending/in style without breaking the bank! Sadly I won’t be doing any “save or splurge” posts but this will be very similar!

1. Tory Burch // 2. White shorts // 3. Denim skirt // 4. Off the shoulder top // 5. Oversized cardigan // 6. Layered necklace // 7. Nude espadrille sandals // 8. Saddle bag // 9. Monogram necklace // 10. Black heels

I’m in love with everything in the photos! I’m a lace up shoe fanatic so both of these designer shoes are right up my ally plus they’re great prices! Especially for Marc Fisher. I don’t know if y’all know this about me, but I love wearing sweaters and nice cardigans all year around (I know that makes me sound crazy in Houston) but I can’t help it. This oversized cardigan is definitely on my wish list. These gold layered necklaces are so in style right now so why not get one without breaking the bank? To top everything off this Tory Burch pink pouch is super cute and it’s a great price. I love finding designer items that don’t make you feel guilty for spending a lot…That’s what ballin’ on a budget is all about!

Xo, Natasha

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale Round-Up

Happy Fri-yay everyone! This week started off kind of “EH” for me, but I had to turn it around and now it’s great! I’m getting so excited for this Nordstrom sale thats going on- because who doesn’t like getting great items on sale?! I’ve listed some of my favorite items from this years sale as well as some items I got from their previous sales! Plus, this is a great time to start buying Christmas gifts (I know it sounds crazy) but it’s great to get it out of the way!

1. White shirt // 2. Leopard sandals // 3. Black bag // 4. Cluse watch // 5. Sunglasses // 6. Leopard espadrilles // 7. Good Vibes // 8. Rain boots // 9. Bow top // 10. Tote bag

Here’s some items I’ve gotten from previous Nordstrom sales:

Black jacket // Ankle boot // Blue jeans // Black jeans // Over the knee boot

I hope y’all love this post! Go check out the sale for yourself because there’s something for everyone.

Xo, Natasha.

Does NeuLash eyelash serum work?

Hi there! I know I missed my post yesterday, but I’ll stay on track after this! Daniel and I just got back from California and we’re sad our vacation went by so fast. I’ll try to make a video about our trip (if my editing skills cooperate) haha.

I get told a lot that I have thick/long eyelashes, but I’ve always wanted them to be longer. One thing I’m guilty of is when I have a clump of mascara, I will pull it off my eyelash causing me to sometimes pull my lashes out. I know that sounds disgusting and it’s not good to do- so that’s why I decided to purchase NeuLash. I was going back and forth about if I should buy the NeuLash eyelash growth serum for months, and then I finally bit the bullet and did. It’s not cheap at all- just for .11 fl oz is $95! I know, my heart hurt too the first time I saw it… that’s why I saved up to test it for yall! I’m not gonna lie to yall, the directions say to apply it on every night on your eyelash line (same place you apply liquid eyeliner) but some nights I forgot because I was too tired to remember. I have before and current pictures of my eyelashes below without any mascara

To be completely honest, my lashes do look fuller but not longer. When I apply eyelash primer and mascara they do look long! I am happy with my results due to me telling you how sometimes I’d pull mine out from mascara clumping. Would I buy this again? Eh.. if I needed them to be fuller again definitely yes, for length it didn’t do too much. I do love my results though, but it’s still pretty expensive. This post is based on my 1-month long process of using it. You can purchase it here

I hope this helps you if you’re on the line of buying this!

Xo, Natasha.


15 Easter Dress Ideas

Happy Fri-yay everyone! Does anyone else think this year is already flying by?! I’m so excited for Easter because I’ll be making a feast for the family, and because of Jesus of course! I rounded up my favorite dresses that I think would be super cute for Easter below.

1. // 2. // 3. // 4. // 5. // 6. // 7. // 8. // 9. // 10. // 11. // 12. // 13. // 14. // 15. 

These dresses are in all price ranges, although I picked most of them to be around or under $50. My absolute favorite dress is #5 because I feel like it could be flattering on anybody! Ruffles, lace, and wrap dresses are trending, but I think you can never go wrong with them for any occasion.

I’ve started linking a new website called SheIn and I know this website looks too good to be true (because it’s very affordable). I have heard positive and negative reviews about them that I want to share:

1. Try to stay clear from the one-size only items. 2. SheIn provides a specific sizing chart for every item, so make sure you look at it before ordering anything!

I hope this helps y’all find the perfect Easter dress! I can not wait for Easter, I told y’all I love holidays haha.

Xo, Natasha.

Save or splurge! Pt. 2

Last year I did part 1 of this series, and I’ve found more items to share again! Everyone loves to save money and to buy pieces that are worth the money. I’ll be showing you what’s worth spending the big bucks on and what’s not.

To start things off with a bang, let me tell you about this leopard clutch and sunglasses. The Prada brand of these sunglasses is over $300! The identical pair that isn’t Prada is only $12! I know the Designer Chloe ’62mm’ sunglasses are a huge trend but cost almost $400. I swear I saw an identical pair at Francesca’s for under $20! Unfortunately, they don’t have it posted online, but I saw them in store. Let’s talk about this leopard clutch, it’s been seen everywhere by every blogger. I wanted this leopard clutch, but could never just drop $300 on a clutch, this Sole Society version is less than $40!



I know this cheaper alternative of the velvet trend Gucci bag isn’t very similar, but there is a Rebecca Minkoff version that’s under $200. Since velvet is a trend, I decided to find the most affordable version of a velvet bag plus this green is so pretty! Everyone needs a black bag as a go to, so you can always invest in a great piece that will last you forever or get the affordable version! The cheaper version of this Zac Posen bag doesn’t have as much hardware on it, but it’s still cute!




Now let’s talk about jewelry! These BaubleBar tassel earrings are trending as well and compared to the price of the Oscar de la Renta tassel earrings you save a ton! This nail ring by James Avery is my favorite. I’ve loved the Cartier nail ring forever, but it’s over $2000! The cheaper nail ring alternative is made out of sterling silver which is still a great material and will last a long time. You will definitely be seeing this ring on my fingers! I always love following trends, especially if I get a good deal. This Tiffany & Co ‘T’ rose gold bracelet is over a thousand dollars, but Nordstrom has a cheaper alternative.






I’ve linked the items with the higher prices on top, and lower prices items/similar towards the bottom

Oscar de la Renta earrings
BaubleBar earrings
Cartier ring
James Avery ring
Clare V clutch
Sole Society clutch
Tiffany & Co bracelet
Topshop bracelet
Velvet Gucci bag
Rebecca Minkoff version
BP velvet bag
Prada sunglasses
BP sunglasses
Zac Posen black bag
Sole Society black bag

Don’t get me wrong, some items are worth splurging the extra money on. One thing I don’t ever recommend is spending a ton of money just to stay with trends. If you truly believe you will use that item for many years then buy the expensive item. The best of both worlds is when you find a cheaper option that is still very good quality, just like the nail ring! I will try my best to post a splurge or save every month with the best deals on trends I can find. I hope y’all enjoy this post!

   Xo, Natasha

Christmas Spirit

I’m proud to say that I’ve finished my Christmas shopping! This is the first year that I didn’t know what to get for most of the people on my list, but that just makes the gifts so much better! I know Christmas seems like it’s all about presents and spending money but I just love the spirit it brings. Things like people getting a little bit nicer, you get to see family, and have fun! This year I may or may not be attempting to make tamales for my first time but I love challenges!

I put a few festive and inexpensive items together to show your Christmas spirit! Forever21 has a lot of cute Christmas sweaters that are under $30. Although I do love hitting up a thrift store and finding vintage Christmas sweaters! I can’t even say how many times I’ve had hot chocolate, but I promise it tastes better in a Christmas mug! Plus a mug for under $5 is a deal. Anyone who knows me will tell you that no matter what my age is I will rock a onesie, and I’m loving this tree one from H&M! I need this cat sweater. I love black cats and own one so I need to represent lol. I’m pretty sure y’all know bath and body works has great candles so I’ll end that there. Go stock up!

Forever 21 Christmas sweaters

Cat Christmas sweater

Reindeer onesie
Christmas tree onesie

Flannel pants


Baby it’s cold outside mug
Oh deer mug
Snow day mug


Evergreen candle
Twisted Peppermint candle



Happy Holidays!

Xo, Natasha