Favorite Nail Products

Hello! I hope everyone is or had a great Memorial weekend! Today I wanted to talk about what my favorite nail products were.

I’m sure y’all have heard me say countless times about how I have dry skin, so I love using this Herbal E Oil on my cuticles! I’m trying to ball on a budget so I don’t really get my nails done unless I have a special event to go to- so I’d like to call myself a nail polish connoisseur haha! Nothing drives me crazy more than chipping a nail right after painting them. I work with my hands so I’m constantly putting nail polishes to the test.

The drug store nail polish that I love is by Sally Hansen and it’s the Miracle GelI’ve purchased 2 different colors in that line that I love. They don’t chip and they last for days. Like I said I work with my hands so if you don’t then I’m sure they’ll last longer for you. When I say they last for days that means without any chipping. They retail for around $8.

One brand that I absolutely love (if you can find it) is Odeme. I bought this green color called Oz in the picture and it lasts so dang long! One thing I was guilty of was not applying a base coat so when I took the polish off it stained my nails yellow-which freaked me out at first! It is such a pigmented color and even 1 coat looks really good. I bought this from a local boutique called Beehive which I’ll link here. If you want to purchase this brand of polish online you can click here to go to their website. This polish retails for $12.

I had acrylic nails for years, so my nails became very thin. One thing that I don’t see a lot is biotin in womens’ daily vitamins so when I saw these 365 vitamins from Whole Foods have them I had to get them! I’ve always had to buy a separate bottle of vitamins to help grow strong nails so I’m happy I found these.

I hope this helps y’all with any nail polish or nail care questions! It’s always great to get your moneys worth from nail polishes that don’t chip and to take care of your nails with vitamins!

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Xo, Natasha.


I can’t believe it’s already almost new years! Daniel and I always love doing something fun on new years eve, so this year we’re planning on going to some events around Houston. I’ll link some events that are going on at the end of this post.

To be honest, I have never dressed cute like other girls do on new years, but this is the first time Daniel and I have lived together so I figured we should have a blast with it this year! I found some affordable and fun outfits that are at your local retail stores so that there isn’t any hassle of ordering something and it not working out. Mini dresses aren’t my thing, so all of my picks are just the right length!

V-neck Romper

Black shift dress

White shift dress

Velvet dress

Slit dress

Red dress

Green dress

Free Places to be:

City Centre NYE event

Sugarland NYE event

Kemah Boardwalk NYE event

I hope everyone has a safe New Years! See you in 2017 😉 
Xo, Natasha
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